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Pictures of Ugly People whether Ugly Men or Ugly Women are for entertainment purposes only. We do not wish to discriminate against people on basis of their looks or ugliness no matter how really Ugly these ugly boys, ugly girls, ugly men and ugly women are.

We started searching for the Most Ugly People Pictures in the World in 2005 and finally on January 12th 2009 we managed to start the first ever "Most Ugly Person in the World" contest. Vote for the most ugly people in the world. You will really enjoy rating the pictures of very Ugly People, Ugly Men, really Ugly girls or Ugly Women on this Most Ugly People in the World site. We are sure you will love going through the very Ugly People, Ugly Men & Ugly Women pages that follow. Enjoy the Ugly People Pictures whether ugly boys or ugly girls, Ugly Men or Ugly Women or to put 'em simply "Very Ugly People".

Ugly People Pictures, Ugly Men, Women, Girls, Boys

There will be more Pictures of Ugly People, Ugly Men, Ugly Girls, Ugly Boys & Ugly Women added in the coming weeks on our very own Ugly People Page. Our humble request is to sit back and enjoy the ugliest ride of your life!

Rate the Ugly pictures of Ugly People, Ugly Men or Ugly Women. To add to the flavour, we will be adding new ugly pictures of men, women, girls and boys every month. Enough said, you may start seeing and rating the Ugly People, Ugly Men, Ugly Girls & Ugly Women pictures.

On this really ugly website you will find pictures or pics of ugly women & really ugly girls. There are pictures or pics of the ugliest girls, men & women from all over the world. All the World's Ugly Women, Men, Boys & Girls Pictures are here for you to rate.

Your job is to simply see the really ugly pictures of men, women and girls from around the world and vote for the ugliest person or people alive in the world.

How Many Ugly People Pictures are online?

There are (so far) over 600 Ugly People whose pictures are part of this voting contest. We expect to have another 250 ugly guys and ugly girls on here soon.

Saviodsilva will count all votes at the end of each month and tally the percentages each ugly person has got. We will then serve you with some more ugly people to vote for next month. When all the votes have been counted there will be just 50 most ugly people pictures left standing.

In the second phase of polling we will get down the list to 20 most ugly people of 2011. Then the last phase of polling begins at the end of this year. The 20 Most ugly people will be brought down to just single person who will win the coveted title of World's Most Ugly Person in 2011. The pictures of the 20 Most Ugly People in the world will be flashed on over 40 popular websites and newspapers around the world.

For the first time in the history of the internet we have a fair, just or impartial election of the Most Ugly People of the Year. We hope you will be part of this election on a regular basis and voice your vote by selecting the ugliest people to go into the second phase of polling.

This Official Most Ugly People in the World website is packed with really ugly people including ugly men, ugly women, ugly babies, ugly kids or children, ugly boys, ugly girls, ugly old people, ugly animal or two.

This contest is possibly the only contest on the internet that elects the Most Ugly Person Alive. The polls that follow are in no particular order. At the end of all 3 phases of Voting, Polling & Elections the votes will be counted by a non-partial online jury and the coveted title of Most Ugly Person in the World will be bestowed on the winning ugly person. Voting for the 1st phase is on right now. Please cast your vote for every single ugly person you feel is really ugly. And, please, please, please tell your friends about this Ugly People Pictures Website.

Without much delay, bookmark this website for the Most Ugly People on Planet Earth and please, please, please tell others about this Voting Contest so they can vote for these Ugly Males and Females!

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