Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

800 Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend Page 3

Are You Right-Handed Or Left-Handed?

Do You Think Dance With A Boy In A Nightclub Is Cheating?

Do You Like Vh1?

Give Me The Names Of 3 Objects Or Things You Love Most And Why?

Do You Consider Yourself A Happy Person Because Youíve Met Me?

Do You Have A Nickname? What Is It?

Ever Had An Imaginary Friend As A Child?

Ever Gotten Ultimate Revenge On Someone?

Describe What A Good Friend Means To You?

Do You Enjoy Being Out In Nature?

Are You Too Shy To Ask Someone Out?

Are You An Early Riser?

Do You Read Newspapers?

Have You Ever Been On The Wrong Side Of The Law?

Do You Have Any Close Cousins?

Do You Respect Women?

Do You Smoke Or Have You Ever Smoked?

Have You Ever Been Hit By A Girl And A Guy At The Same Party?

And If Yes, What Kind Of Risks Had You Taken? If Not, Why Not?

Everybody Worries About Something. What Do You Worry About And Why?

Have You Ever Requested A Song On The Radio?

Do You Like To Sing In The Shower?

Can You Cope With Unexpected Events?

Do You Believe In Spanking?

Do You Prefer Hot Or Cold Drinks?

About How Many Pairs Of Jeans Do You Own?

Are You Mad At Anyone Right Now?

Are You A Beach, Country Or City Person?

Do You Scream On Roller Coasters?

Do You Ever Feel As Though Your Partners Are Too Distant?

Have You Watched Big Bang Theory?

Been In A Band?

Do You Eat Junk Food Everyday?

Do You Believe You Have Found Your Soul Mate?

Honestly, Who Was The Last Person To Tell You That They Love You?

Are You The Kind Of Friend That You Would Want To Have As A Friend?

Do You Like Reading Books Or Comics?

Do You Consider Yourself Open Minded?

Have You Ever Broken Someone's Heart?

Can You Dance? Do You Like Dancing?

Have You Ever Written A Love Letter?

Can You Handle The Truth?

Are Celebrities Appropriate Role Models For Your Generation? Why Or Why Not?

Do You Like Kissing In Public?

Do You Snore Or Steal The Covers Or Roll Around In Your Sleep?

Have You Ever Faked Sick?

Do You Use Umbrellas?

Best Concert You Have Been To?

Do You Love Old Movies?

Do You Have Any Sisters?

Ever Been Arrested?

Are You Able To Explain What Have I Dreamt Last Night?

Have You Ever Been To A School Or College Reunion?

Have You Ever Worked In A Food Place?

How Do You Feel About Porn?

Have You Ever Been Engaged?

Have Your Parents Ever Caught You Drinking?

Do You Feel You Have A Purpose Or Calling In Life?

Do You Like Watermelon?

Does Your Pet Do Any Good Tricks?

Do You Like Reading?

Can You Remember Your Earliest Childhood Memory Of Happiness And Of Fear?

Do You Have Any Regrets In Life?

Do You Maintain A Blog?

Are You Good At Making People Smile?

Do You Consider Your Childhood A Happy One?

Do You Have A Fetish That You Would Like To Employ In Your Next Relationship?

Ever Had A Drunken Night This Year?

Do You Remember Your Favorite Teacher?

Do You Believe In Heaven?

Do You Like Short Or Long Hair On A Girl?

Are You Close To Your Parents?

Have You Ever Sat By The Phone All Night Waiting For Someone To Call?

Do You Have A Pet?

Computer Geek?

Are You Superstitious?

Great Fun Questions To Ask Your Date While Dating Him Or Her

Are You Good At Imitating Others?

Favorite Entertainer?

Do You Know How To Drive? If Yes, What Kind Of Car Do You Drive?

Do You Have A Workout Routine? What Is It?

Do You Still Have Feelings For An Ex?

How And When Would You Know If I Am The Right One?

Ever Had Plans And Broke Them?

Desk: Messy Or Organized?

Do You Believe In True Love?

Do You Consider Yourself Popular?

Have You Ever Found Yourself Attracted To Someone Of The Same Gender?

Do You Prefer Reading Books Or Watching Movies?

Have You Voted For Someone You Wished You Hadn't?

Do You Like School?

Have You Ever Had A Crush On A Teacher?

Are You Always Early Or Terminally Late?

Ever Been To A Food Shelf?

Have You Ever Been Punched In The Face?

Do You Exercise Everyday?

Do You Swear?

Do You Believe That He Will Always Have A Special Place In Your Heart?

Do You Trust Easily?

Describe Your House For Me?

Do You Like Baseball?

Do You Like Thunderstorms?

Do You Believe That Everything Happens For A Reason?

Do You Prefer To Sleep Together, Or Alone?

Have Any Nick Names? If So, What?

How Do You Feel About People With Beliefs That Differ From Yours?

How Can You Describe Yourself In A Sentence?

Do You Need To Know Everything About Someoneís Past?

Have You Ever Had A Crush On A Friend's Parent?

Ever Cheated On Your Bf/Gf?

Do You Think Youíre Cute?

Have You Ever Taken Drugs? You Know, Like Marijuana, Methamphetamine, Or Acid?

Ever Been In The Back Of A Police Car?

Do You Want Children/More Children?

Do You Consider Yourself Lazy?

Have You Ever Hated Loving Someone?

Favorite College Football Team?

Are You A Fan Of Dragons?

Ever Milked A Cow?

Do You Have A Lucky Number?

Have You Ever Thought About A World Without Clocks?

Favorite Song?

Favorite Thing To Do Alone?

Are You Romantic? Explain!

How Do You Feel About Birth Control?

Ever Been In True Love?

Ever Met Anyone Really Famous Before?

Are You A Positive Or Negative Person?

Have You Ever Hit A Girl You Know?

Do You Wear Pajamas To Places Other Than At Your House?

Does Your Family Have Any Traditions?

Do You Believe In Karma?

Can You Define Love In Your Own Way?

Does It Matter Who It Is?

Favorite Animal?

Are You Close To Your Family?

Do You Like Peanuts?

Do You Think People Should Have Cosmetic Surgery To Enhance Their Looks?

Ever Had A Thai Massage?

Describe The Appearance Of The Person You Would Like To Date?

Do You Rather Follow Your Heart Or Your Head? State Your Reasons For Your Answer?

Do You Have Any Famous Relatives?

Do You Truly Hate Anyone?

Did You Have Pets In Your Childhood?

Can You Find Easily 10 Words Rhyming With Pencil?

Have You Ever Cried During A Movie?

Do You Miss Anyone?

Are You Good At Climbing Trees?

Do You Prefer To Share Finances With Your Partner, Or Keep Them Separate?

Do You Have A Garden?

Are Your Parents Still Together?

Do You Think That We Have Met Before, In Another Life?

Have You Had Any Difficult Issues In Your Past?

Do You Like To Flirt?

Do You Have A Dream Job?

Been On Stage?

Do You Agree With: Were There Was Fire, Ashes Remain?

First Celebrity Crush?

Have You Been Told You Can Sing Well More Than Once?

Did You Have A Special Place Where You Went To Be Alone As A Child?

Do You Sleep With A Stuffed Toy? What Is It?

How Ambitious Are You?

How Did Your Parents Meet?

Describe Your Perfect Vacation?

Are You A Collector Of Anything?

Have Any Celebrity Crushes?

Do You Still Have Tonsils?

Has Any Of Your Friends Ever Made You Cry?

Do You Give Out Second Chances Too Easily?

Have Your Parents Ever Disapproved Of Any Of Your Relationships?

Are You Closer To Your Dad Or Your Mom?

Great Questions To Ask People To Know The Person Better

Do You Prefer The City Or The Country?

Are You Happier Single Or In A Relationship?

Are You Addicted To Anything?

How Do You Look At Money From An Emotional Standpoint?

Describe Your Childhood Days?

Do You Drink? If Yes, How Often?

Do You Like Yourself?

Do You Prefer Talking Or Texting?

Do You Have Any Religious Views That I Should Know About?

Do You Have A Crush On Someone?

Do You Excercise Regularly? If So, How Often?

Can You Name 5 Songs By The Beatles?

Any New And Exciting Things That You Would Like To Share?

Exercise Ė Fun Or A Drag?

Do You Have A Role Model?

Have You Ever Crawled Through A Window?

Do You Want To Be Married Right Now?

Have You Ever Gone Nude In Public?

4 Things You Are Scared Of?

Do You Keep In Touch With Your Friends In School?

Did You Have Your Own Telephone Growing Up, Or Any Other Special Privileges?

Are You Usually The Heart Breaker Or The Heart Broken?

Are You Republican Or Democratic?

After I Had Asked You Out For The First Time, Was There Any Part Of You That Wanted To Say No?

Do You Lead People On Just To Get Your Way?

Do You Think That I Am Good?

Are You Afraid Of Ghosts?

Do You Like Cooking?

Give The Names Of 3 Things You Love Most And Why?

Define A Really Funny Question?

Did You Ever Do Something That You Didn't Want To, Just To Fit In?

Which Has Been Your Best Vacation So Far? What Made It So Special?

Do You Live Alone?

Do Any Of Your Close Friends Have Children?

How Do You Feel About Ex Relationships?

Are You Allergic To Anything, And If So, What?

First Boyfriend?

Have You Ever Been Abused?

Beer, Wine Or Coffee?

Do You Like To Have Boy Friend Or Girl Friend In Your School Or In Your Classes?

How Do You Feel About Divorce?

How Did You And Your Number 1 Friend Become Friends?

Describe Your Work Ethic?

Have You Ever Undergone Therapy Of Any Sort?

Have You Ever Lived In Another Country?

Can You Keep A Secret?

Have You Ever Worn The Opposite Gender's Clothing?

How Do You Feel When Other People Smoke?

Are You Going Out With Someone?

Have Any Of Your Past Partners Ever Had A Disease?

Have You Brushed Your Teeth Lately?

Do You Belive That What Comes Around Goes Around?

Ever Been On Stage?

Do You Love Children?

Are You A Lover Or A Fighter?

Do You Own A Car?

Have Any Hidden Talents?

Has Someone Ever Spread A Nasty Rumor About You?

Do You Like Me?

Have You Dated Anyone On Your Top 4 Friends On Facebook, Etc?

Have You Ever Cheated In A Relationship?

Do You Have Any Expectations For Your Partner?

Do You Know How To Pump Your Own Gas?

Have You Ever Done Something Totally Wild And Crazy?

Ever Been Kissed Under Mistletoe Or On A Rainy Day?

Do You Think Your Girlfriend Should And Can Also Be Your Best Friend?

Do You Like To French Kiss?

Did Your Parents Spoil You As A Child?

At What Age Do You Think That Dating Should Begin?

Ever Been In An Accident?

Ever Been In Love With 2 People At The Same Time?

How Do You Feel About Your Family?

Do You Like Cold Or Hot Weather?

Give The Names Of 3 People You Dislike Most And Why?

Do You Own A Digital Camera?

Do You Watch Or Read The News?

Do You See Your Father As The Head Of The Family?

Do You Contribute To A Retirement Fund Of Some Kind?

About How Many Friends From High School Do You Still Talk To?

Are There Any Superstitions On Making Someone Fall In Love With You?

Are You A Shopaholic Or No?

Do You Like Summer Or Winter More And Why?

Do You Believe Children Should Be Brought Up To Favor Certain Political Views?

Do You Think There Is Any Age When A Person Is Too Old To Date?

Do You Prefer A Love Marriage Or An Arranged Marriage?

Can You Remember Your Last Dream?

Describe Your Future Husband?

Best Way To Relax?

Give The Names Of 3 People You Love Most And Why?

Are You A Neat Freak?

Are You A God Fearing Individual?

Favorite Drink?

Do You See Yourself With Children At Some Point In The Future?

Coke Or Pepsi?

Do You Like Getting Wet In The Rain?

Any Kinks I Should Know About?

Do You Like To Cook?

Do Have Any Type Of Bad Habit?

Have You Ever Played Truth Or Dare?

Any Pets?

Do You Have Strong Political Opinions?

Do You Like To Budget Or Just More Casual Around Finances?

Do You Love The Last Girl You Were Talking To?

Have You Been To College? If So, Where?

Do Any Drugs? If Yes, What?

Favorite Potato Chips?

Are You Looking For A Long Term Relationship?

Do You Find These Questions Funny?

How Do You Feel About People Being Judged On Their Looks?

Do You Have Your Own Style Or Follow Fashions?

Have You Ever Seen A Poisonous Snake In Real Life?

Have You Ever Been In A Car Accident Or Seen One?

Do You Still Watch Cartoons On Saturday Mornings?

Give Me The Names Of 3 Objects Or Things You Dislike Most And Why?

Have You Ever Had The Feeling You Were Being Watched?

Do You Like Children?

Can You Choose A Unique Item From Your Purse And Explain Why You Carry It Around.

Describe Yourself In 3 Words.

Do You Get Along With Each Other?

Are You Religious?

Did You Have An Exciting Last Weekend?

Do You Get Along With Your Family?

Ever Cheated On A Test?

Are There Any Physical Acts That Make You Uncomfortable?

Do You Prefer Blondes Or Brunettes And Why?

Do You Like To Learn?

Do You Keep A Journal?

Are You A Sensitive Person? Why Or Why Not?

Do You Wish Someone Would Call You?

Gold Or Silver?

Whats Your Name On Facebook?

Have You Held Hands With Anyone Today?

Do You Like To Shop?

Can You Tell Me In A Few Seconds What Is A Brick Useful For?

Do You Have Any Plans For Tomorrow?

After Me, Who Is Your Closest Female Friend? (Excluding Your Mother, And Other Family Members)

Do You Have Any Fertility Issues That You Are Aware Of?

Ever Sold Blood?

Can You Tell Me Something That Youíd Like To Change In Me?

Have You Ever Truly Loved Someone?

Do You Prefer To Have Friends Of The Same Or Opposite Gender? Why?

Are You A Procrastinator?

First Friend You Ever Had And Are You Still Friends With Them?

Ever Had A Crush On A Member Of The Same Gender?

Did/Do You Enjoy Highschool For The Most Part?

Do You Have A Criminal Record?

Do You Like To Describe What You See In The Clouds?

Whatís The First Thing You Notice In The Opposite Gender?

Christmas Is Coming, Who Would You Like To Celebrate It With?

Do You Prefer To Live In The Big City Or A Small Town And Why?

Have You Ever Kissed More Than One Girl In The Same Day?

Describe Your Best Kiss Ever?

Have You Ever Gambled At A Casino?

Did You Ever Have A Gambling Problem?

At What Age Do You Plan To Get Married?

Are You A Dog Person Or A Cat Person?

Are You Laid Back Or High Strung?

Craziest Thing You've Ever Done?

Have You Ever Been Awake For 48 Hours Straight?

Do You Believe In Life Afther Death?

Are You Sure You're Not A Guy?

Have You Ever Been Mentioned In The Newspaper?

Do You Move A Lot?

Have You Ever Dated Someone Longer Than A Year?

Do You Have A Budget? If So, Can I See It?

Do You Work? If So, What Is Your Profession?

Do You Have A T.V. In Your Bedroom?

Describe Yourself In Three Adjectives And Explain Why?

Do You Have Any Brothers?

Does Anyone Know Your Computer Id Password?

Give Me 3 Places You Would Like To Go On A Vacation?

Did You Have A Good Birthday Last Year?

Approx How Big (Sq Feet) Is Your House/Condo/Apartment, Etc?

Define Success In Less Than 10 Words?

Do You Believe In Marriage? Why Or Why Not?

Have You Ever Met A Famous Person?

Have You Ever Said "I Love You" And Not Meant It?

Do You Have Many Friends?

Have You Ever Hit A Guy?

Do You Like One Part Of The World/Country Best?

Have You Ever Seen A Dead Body?

Do You Have Strong Opinions On Natural Childbirth Verses Medicated Childbirth?

Do You Think Itís Okay To Tell Your Partner What To Do/Wear/Say?

Apart From The Obvious Ones, Which Two Body Parts Are Most Sensitive And Responsive?

Early Bird Or Night Owl?

Do You Love Trips In The Wild?

Finish This Sentence. The Motto Of My Life Is... ?

Do You Expect To Keep On Moving?

Have You Ever Danced In The Rain?

Best Advice You've Ever Received?

Favorite Bird?

Do You See Yourself Married At Some Point?

Describe Yourself In Five Words Or Less!

Are You Supportive Of Family And Friends Despite The Consequences?

Do You Think There Should Be Specific Gender Roles In A Marriage? If So, What Are They?

Can You Make Friends Easily?

Do You Untie Your Shose When You Take Them Off?

Are There Any Groups Of People You Just Canít Stand?

First Thing You Wash In The Shower?

Do You Have A Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

Have You Ever Flirted With A Friend's Crush?

Have You Ever Had A Narrow Escape From Death?

Have You Ever Won A Trophy?

Do You Blow Dry Your Hair? Or Just Let It Dry On Its Own, Or Towel Dry?

Have You Ever Been Fired From A Job?

Do You Live In A Neighborhood Or In The Middle Of Nowhere?

Do You Like Answering Questions To Kids?

Do You Think Itís Ok For Me To Still Have Feelings For An Ex?

Are You Missing Someone?

Are You A Political Activist?

Have You Ever Stolen Anything From A Store Or From Someone?

Do You Know Anyone That Is Currently Locked Up?

Ever Been Skinny Dipping?

Any Piercings? If Yes, How Many And Where Are They?


Can You Touch Your Nose With Your Tongue?

Have You Ever Tried Chewing Tobacco?

Do You Like To Read? Which Are Your Favorite Books And Authors?

Have You Ever Cheated A Friend?

Have You Ever Taken A Sabattical?

Grades In High School?

Are You A Task Oriented Person Or A People Oriented Person?

Do You Believe In Monogamy?

Do You Shampoo First In The Shower Or Soap?

Are You A Cuddler?

Have Any Bad Habits?

How Do You Get Along With Your Family?

Are You Are A Compulsive, Impulsive Shopper?

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