which countries produce the most chocolate

Answers to which countries produce the most chocolate

According to a survey by Chocolate Manufacturers Association, Switzerland leads the world in chocolate consumption with 22.36 pounds per person. Austria and Ireland are not far behind with 20.13 pounds and 19.47 pounds, respectively.

The country that gets the golden gong for chocolate consumption is Switzerland. The Swiss eat 10.3kg of chocolate each per year, with Austria just behind them on 9.8kg per person. The Swiss have a long history of chocolate-making and eating, and obviously the novelty hasnít worn off yet! Ireland gets the bronze in this chocolympics, with each person consuming 8.8kg per year. In comparison, the USA is rather low in the table, with an average consumption of 5.3kg per year, while the Dutch really need to try harder: they come in at just 4.5kg per year.

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