which band-aid sticks the longest

Answers to which band-aid sticks the longest

Clear Band-Aid adhesive sticks the longest.

Band-Aids have been around for many years. The earliest Egyptian medical records talk about bandages. They used soft plasters of myrrh for an antiseptic action. Honey was used with linen for an adhesive. Most early civilizations used similar things.

In 1600, the development of microscopes detected germs and their part in disease. In the 19th century, Joseph Lister proved it was important to bandage a surgical wound to protect against airborne germs. Before that, doctors were using wrappings made from cuttings swept off the floors of textile mills. Many people died from infection.

In the 1920ís Earle Dickson, an employee at Johnson and Johnson, married a young girl named Josephine. She always cut herself doing housework and cooking. So Earle bought Josephine gauze and tape, but they always fell off. So Earle cut gauze and unwound the adhesive tape. He stuck gauze squares in even intervals on the tape. Next, he covered it with crinoline. Then he rolled it all back into a roll. The next time she needed a bandage she could unroll this cut it off, and stick it on her cut or burn.

In 1921, Earle told Johnson and Johnson about his creation. The bandage was precut in 1924, and completely sterilized in 1939. In 1958 they were made in sheer vinyl. Soon after, other companies started to manufacture similar products.

The Band-Aid sales were slower than the company expected. So Johnson and Johnson gave unlimited numbers of free Band-Aids to Boy Scouts. Since Band-Aids introduction more the 120 billion been sold worldwide. Today, over 4 billion bandages are made every year.

Today Band-Aid brand adhesive tape is made of acrylic. There are 5 main types of Band-Aids. They are clear tape, cloth, hurt free, waterproof, and paper tape. Johnson and Johnson doesnít use latex on the Band-Aids. 85% of Johnson and Johnson Band-Aid users have no allergic reactions.

There is a difference between Band-Aids and a bandage. A Band-Aid is a trademark of an adhesive bandage with a gauze pad in the center. A bandages a strip of material, such as gauze, used to protect, compress, or support a wound or injured body part. The adhesive tape is used for covering a wound and is coated on one side with an adhesive mixture.

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