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CNet.com's electronics editors continually test and report on plasma TVs, with sets that score most highly making it onto this list. The Panasonic VIERA TH-50PZ800U is named an Editor's Choice winner, edging out even Pioneer's highly vaunted KURO TVs. The Samsung PN50A550 also rates highly, while the Panasonic VIERA TH-42PX80U is singled out as "setting the picture quality-to-value standard for entry-level flat-panel HDTVs." CNet reviews more plasma TVs than just about any other reviewer, and its reviews are far more detailed than those of Consumer Reports (see below). It is also currently the most up-to-date resource for plasma TV reviews. In addition, we appreciate that CNet has taken great pains to detail their testing methodology -- including how they obtain TVs for testing -- which adds to the site's credibility.

While Consumer Reports rates lots of plasma TVs -- 37 in its latest report -- each set only gets a few paragraphs of discussion, offering much less detail than other reviewers. In addition, while Consumer Reports updates its ratings on a regular basis, and those ratings are based on competent and thorough testing, the current information is a bit dated as most of the plasma TVs listed are last-generation models, though some still current plasma TVs are included.

Sound & Vision magazine occasionally tests plasma TVs in highly detailed, single-set reports and multi-set roundups. Highest-rated products earn a Sound & Vision Certified and Recommended rating, which the magazine says indicates that they are "the best gear to buy right now." Sound & Vision recognizes the Pioneer Elite Kuro PRO-110FD 50-inch plasma TV for its unbeatable black levels and close to perfect color balance, declaring that it represents the "state of the art" in HD displays.

Home Theater magazine covers plasma TVs in single-set reviews, multi-TV roundups and as part of home-entertainment systems. The reviews are highly opinionated and most include objective ratings. Top picks make it to this buying guide, which would be even more useful if it did not include both plasma and LCD TVs and if it explicitly indicated how these top choices rank compared to each other. The 60-inch Pioneer Elite KURO PRO-150FD is a called the best one-piece digital display the magazine has ever tested. The 50-inch Pioneer Elite KURO PRO-110FD is lauded equally.

The single-product reports here are very detailed and loaded with technical specifications. Unfortunately, comparisons to other plasma TVs are rarely made, and a Buyer's Guide is out of date. The Pioneer Elite PRO-110FD receives a glowing recommendation, with Scott Wilkinson saying no other display can touch it for sheer picture quality, but it is very expensive. The remaining plasma TVs reviewed here are now discontinued, but some might still be available for sale.
I4UNews.com bills itself as a technology lifestyle magazine and shopping guide. Reviews are more superficial than others, but don't do a bad job of tackling things from a user's point of view. The 1080p Hitachi P50S601 scores well in reviewer Shane McGlaun's eyes, and earns one of the site's Editors' Choice ratings. He notes it has picture quality and features that "put other sets to shame." The NEC PlasmaSync 60XC10 60-inch plasma monitor has great picture quality, but too many limitations -- such as sparse connectivity -- to make it the best choice for most home theater setups.

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