which three parts of the computer receive input

Answers to which three parts of the computer receive input

Some input data can go directly to the computer for processing. Input in this category includes bar codes, speech that enters the computer through a microphone, and data entered by means of a device that converts motions to on-screen action. Some input data, however, goes through a good deal of intermediate handling, such as when it is copied from a source document and translated to a medium that a machine can read, such as a magnetic disk. In either case the task is to gather data to be processed by the computer ?sometimes called raw data and convert it into some form the computer can understand.

A keyboard is usually part of a personal computer or part of a terminal that is connected to a computer somewhere else. Not all keyboards are traditional, however. A fast-food franchise like McDonald's, for example, uses keyboards whose keys represent items such as large fries or a Big Mac. Even less traditional in the United States are keyboards that are used to enter Chinese characters.

A mouse is an input device with a ball on its underside that is rolled on a flat surface, usually the desk on which the computer sits. The rolling movement causes a corresponding movement on the screen. Moving the mouse allows you to reposition the pointer, or cursor, an indicator on the screen that shows where the next interaction with the computer can take place. The cursor can also be moved by pressing various keyboard keys. You can communicate commands to the computer by pressing a button on top of the mouse. In particular, a mouse button is often used to click on an icon, a pictorial symbol on a screen; the icon represents a computer activity-a command to the computer-so clicking the icon invokes the command.

A variation on the mouse is the trackball. You may have used a trackball to play a video game. The trackball is like an upside-down mouse-you roll the ball directly with your hand. The popularity of the trackball surged with the advent of laptop computers, when traveling users found them- selves without a flat surface on which to roll the traditional mouse.

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