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Popcorn is a light, highly popular snack throughout the United States and is probably native to the Central American Indians who grew corn for more than 1000 years before the arrival of European explorers in the 1400s and the 1500’s. There are two main types of popcorn, pearl popcorn and rice popcorn. Pearl popcorn has rounded kernels that are usually yellow or orange in color.  Rice popcorn, also called hulless popcorn, has pointed, white kernels.  Most popcorn is a variant of flint corn with small kernels of great hardness. Popcorn kernels have a very hard endosperm with a small amount of moist starch in the center. When heated, steam created inside the kernels; moist center causes the kernel to expand or pop open. When the steam is released in the small explosion, the kernel is turned inside out” and the soft center becomes filed with air.

Popcorn pops best when the kernels contain about thirteen percent moisture, and will expand to thirty or forty times their original sizes when popped.

Act I Premium Theater popcorn, which cost $0.002 per kernel, popped on average 93 out of 100 kernels.

Orville Redenbacher, which cost $0.13 per kernel, popped on an average 84 out of 100 kernels.

Kroger brand popcorn, which cost %0.03 per kernel, only popped on average 81 out of 100 kernels.

The runaway winner is Newman's Own with a 97% pop-rate. Jolly Time brings up the rear with a 79% pop rate. So, if I pay for 100 kernels from Newman's Own, 97 of them will pop, but if I pay for 100 kernels from Jolly Time, only 79% of them will pop.

Keep in mind that this is all within the SAME amount of cook time. If I wanted to burn my popcorn to a crisp, I could let it go and get just about any brand to pop 100% of the kernels, but it wouldn't taste very good, and that's the whole point. So, these are the percentages of kernels these brands can pop while leaving the already-popped kernels tasty.

Oh and this is hardly the end of the story. Keep in mind, you'll pay $1.13/bag if you buy Newman's Own, but only $0.73/bag if you buy Jolly Time. That high pop-rate costs money. And that's not to even mention the taste test...

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