which nations own the moon

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No nation or nations own the moon. By international agreement, the moon is not owned by anyone.
Since nobody is there, and it is very difficult to get there, no one could enforce any real claim anyway.

If travel to the moon becomes common, and something of value is discovered there, then it is possible claims could be made.

Even if those claims were disputed on Earth, there is little anyone else could do from Earth if one country chose to colonize the Moon and exploit resources there. Any cooperation would be voluntary.

We receive inquiries occasionally from people who wonder how we can "sell the Moon" when someone else actually owns it. Often, people incorrectly believe that these ownership claims are true simply because they saw a report on television about a person or business selling Lunar property.

Be honest: do you seriously believe that one man owns every planet in the Solar System?

These claims are, sadly, false. No single person owns the Moon, regardless of whether that person sent a letter to the President of the United States or the Secretary-General of the United Nations. And just because the U.S. or U.N. never responded to this person's letter, that does not mean that he automatically became the owner of the Moon and the other planets. Check with any attorney and they'll confirm for you that this isn't the way the law works in any country on Earth.

In fact, Dennis Hope of the Lunar Embassy has fabricated a fictional tale in which a vision came to him, and led him to register a claim to owning the Moon in 1980. He claims to have filed a document with "his local US Governmental Office for claim registries," an entity that simply does not exist. To this date, Hope has not been able to produce the original document that he purports to have registered; instead, he offers a poorly-worded page that he made up on his home computer several years after the fact.

Wouldn't you think that if the original document existed it would be one of the most important documents in history?

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