which side of a hurricane is the most damaging

Answers to which side of a hurricane is the most damaging

The front side of a hurricane is the most damaging side of a hurricane as that is where it's force is the maximum.

These hurricanes were the most damaging hurricane ever recorded at each of their times. These records account for inflation. Records before 1900 are too scarce to provide accurate information. Note that all hurricanes on this list did most of their damage in the United States.
   * Galveston Hurricane of 1900 (1900 1926)
   * Great Miami Hurricane of 1926 (1926 1938)
   * New England Hurricane of 1938 (1938 1955)
   * Hurricane Diane (1955 1965)
   * Hurricane Betsy (1965 1972)
   * Hurricane Agnes (1972 1989)
   * Hurricane Hugo (1989 1992)
   * Hurricane Andrew (1992 2005)
   * Hurricane Katrina (2005 present)

Hurricanes, even tame ones, can be a nightmare for unprepared homeowners. Newer homes built with special construction methods and materials tend to fare better than older homes in violent winds and rising water, but everyone needs to be prepared. The key is to take preventative measures long before storms reach your door.

Read on to learn about some of the most common hurricane damages.
1. Broken Windows
2. Roof Lifting
3. Basement Flooding
4. Blown in Garage Door
5. Moisture Damage
6. Damage from Landscaping
7. Destroyed Doors
8. Damage from Projectiles
9. Lost Shingles and Roofing
10. Loss or Destruction of Personal Items
11. Ruined In-Ground Pool
12. Blown Off Siding
13. Missing Roof Turbines
14. Collapsed End Gables
15. Knocked Down Outbuildings, Carports and Porches
16. Spoiled Food
17. Ruined Appliances
18. Fire Damage
19. Leaky Septic Tanks
20. Lost or Damaged Boats

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