which country has the longest national anthem

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Perhaps you thought that "The Star-Spangled Banner," with its four verses, was difficult to memorize, and seemed the longest to you.

But Francis Scott Key's poem set to the music of a British drinking song would seem quite easy and short compared to the Greek National Anthem, " Imnos pros tin Eleftherian," or "The Hymn to Liberty," which contains 158 verses!

Then, again, you might be envious of the children of Qatar and Bahrain, for their National Anthems have no words at all!

The longest national anthem to endure is the anthem of Burundi. This national hymn, set terribly for brass band, lasts six minutes. Next to Burundi's anthem, Latvia's seems like a short, to-the-point breath of fresh air.

Oldest National Anthems:
JAPAN - oldest words - dating from the 9th Century
NETHERLANDS - oldest music - melody known before 1572

Shortest National Anthem:
UGANDA - 9 bars of music

Longest National Anthems:
GREECE - lyrics - has a total of 158 verses!
URUGUAY - music - 105 bars of music

Shortest lived National Anthem:
SOMALILAND - 5 days only - June 26 1960 to July 01 1960

The only nation without a National Anthem of her own:
CYPRUS - uses the National Anthem of Greece

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