which team has played the most bowls

Answers to which team has played the most bowls

Teams with most Super Bowl appearances through Super Bowl XLII.
Since January 15, 1967, when Super Bowl I was played, team appearances are as follows:
Dallas - 8 (5 wins)
Pittsburgh - 6 (5 wins)
Denver - 6 (2 wins)
New England - 6 (3 wins)
Washington - 5 (3 wins)
Miami - 5 (2 wins)
San Francisco - 5 (5 wins)

Dallas Cowboys played in 8 Super Bowl games, which is the most of any NFL team, winning 5, and that also ties them with the 49ers & Steelers for the most wins.

As of the start of the 2007 season, Alabama has played in the most bowl games with 54. They have won 30 of those games.

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