How to give a love bite

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Love bites are fun and playful to give. They also serve as a way to mark your significant other and warn others to stay away. Follow these easy steps to give a love bite or hickey.

A love bite is a discoloration of the skin—a bruise, really—caused by prolonged suction of the mouth against the skin. Hickeys are a right of passage, a mark of love or possession that advertises the hickey wearer’s relationship with the love bite giver. This article explains how to give a love bite to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Pick the spot. The key to giving a love bite is placement. Place it where anyone who is trying to move in on your mate can see it. The neck is the best place, but the upper chest area also works.

Kiss. Don't let your mate know that you are going to give them a love bite. If you warn them you will meet resistance. Start by kissing your partner lightly moving along their body. This will deter any suspicion by your mate.

Apply pressure. When you lock on the area that you want to place the love bite start to lick the area and then apply light pressure. This will prepare the skin for the love bite and your mate will not know what is about to happen.

Suck. Be careful not to draw attention to what you are doing right away. Start by lightly sucking on the target area with light licking and kissing in between sucking. Then slowly increase the sucking action. A vacuum needs to form where from your mouth and the skin for a love bite to form.

Look at the love bite. When you feel that you have left a mark look at the area. The area should be red. If the mark is not dark enough try to repeat steps three and four. When done properly a love bite will stay on the skin for a few days.

Receiving love bites can be painful. If you don’t like the way it feels, pull away and tell the person to stop. If someone asks you to stop giving a love bite, respect his or her wishes.

If the person is anemic it will be easier to give them a love bite because their blood is thinner. This means the love bite will be bigger and more noticeable.

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