How to write a funeral program

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Writing the Funeral Program
You may want to create a funeral program, which explains the schedule of events for the service and includes any special instructions for post-funeral gatherings.

You may have a family member or friend create the program for you and have them printed at a copier shop. You can also allow the funeral homes or religious organizations to create a program for a fee (cost depends on the quantity of programs printed, type of paper, color copies, etc.)

A typical funeral program usually includes any or all of the following:
1. Full name of deceased, date of birth/death,
2. Date and time of funeral service,
3. Name, address, city, state and phone number of location of funeral service,
4. A photo of the deceased,
5. A short essay about his/her life,
6. List of the music in the service (if you are asking guests to sing, be sure to include the name and page number of a favorite hymn or include the music itself).
7. Poetry/passage/readings with name of reader, source and page numbers
8. Eulogy with name of reader
9. Address and time of post-service gathering (if applicable)

Keep a List
Make sure you designate someone to keep a list of all donations and floral tributes received.

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