How to keep an aquarius man or male

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In the Aquarius man, contradictions become inextricable. If he could succeed more often in knowing what he wants, his emotional life would be happier. He loves with sincerity - at least he believes he does. But he's so much afraid of loosing his freedom that when the day comes for an engagement, he finds a thousand pretexts to escape - though he may complain afterwards that he's very unhappy.

So, he'll have a choice between love affairs with no future, charming adventures which won't satisfy him, and impossible relationships with beautiful and inaccessible women. Such women will give him all the emotions that he wants, without his being afraid that they'll pin him down.

He has one reasonable solution, though. It's a friendship and complicity marriage with an intelligent, funny and independent woman, with whom he'll share his couch, but without any obligations for either party and with perfect respect for mutual freedom. In any case, he'll always prefer free love to conventional and bourgeois marriage.

Of the entire zodiac, the Aquarius man is undoubtedly the least misogynous - he's ready to consider as his equal any woman who's worthy of his esteem. But, before finding his white blackbird, he could most likely go through a number of divorces and break-ups!

How to keep an Aquarius man or male
Even after a couple of years of common life, you can still be surprised by some of your Aquarius man's reactions, for he has a multi-faceted personality and is so unpredictable. Original, anticonformist, he rejects restraining social rules and taboos. Don't ask him to lead a conventional life or to care about what people can say.

Also, don't take the risk of awakening his tendency to provocation. Indeed, when he starts provoking, nothing can stop him.

To hold on to this man, who's crazy about independence, try to make his life easier. Free him from material and family worries, refrain from complaining and criticizing. Also, beware of too tight ties, from which he'll sooner or later try to free himself. Maybe it's on this point that you should be most careful if you want to protect your couple, since your Aquarius man won't tolerate the slightest violation of his freedom.

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