How to keep a libra man or male

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Faithful to his sign, your Libra man values the joys of love more than all other things that he looks for in life. In other words, he's a great lover. His life is based on sentiments and sensuality.

If circumstances allow it, his love life begins very early and is always packed. This for two reasons. On one hand, by nature, he's very attracted to love experiences and is always on the lookout for them; he can't help practicing his charm, he can't say "no" or deny himself pleasure. On the other hand, his attractive charm makes him very much wanted, often by partners older than him.

This is why he's likely to live a complicated love life. Being too sentimental, he falls in love easily, and then finds himself swinging from one partner to another, without really knowing whom he prefers. To each one, he makes promises, and can't decide hurting one or the other, all the more as he's convinced that neither of them could live without him. Anyway, the decision probably won't come from him - and that's what he wishes more or less unconsciously.

He loves love in the way he wants it to be. He prefers very feminine women, and also the kind of women who are a little bit mysterious, a little hard to get, and maybe even arrogant or dangerous.

According to tradition, he isn't known to be really faithful. However, his possible adventures are either motivated by a sporadic and irresistible desire for change, or guided by his hate of disappointing or hurting his different partners. As a matter of fact, it would be unfair to accuse him of malice or wickedness. Deep down inside, he actually prefers remaining faithful to the woman he really loves.

Generally, one could think that the Libra man's virility isn't very strong, as his sign is strongly dominated by the cosmogonic feminine principle Yin. This is a mistake, and the situation must be considered differently. If the Libra man is a seducer, he isn't overbearing - he hates showing himself demanding, putting pressure, or charging like a Cossack. He becomes bolder only when he feels that the circumstances are quite ripe. He's not manly in the sense that he's not a he-man, but he's a gentleman full of tact; often he even waits for his partners to take the first step. With women in general and with his woman in particular, he's solicitous, understanding, generous, and accommodating.

He's naturally drawn towards conjugal life, following his conformist nature. He believes in happiness of couple life. But he may have been lonely because of an unfortunate love affair or especially because of his exigencies. Indeed, if he loves intensely, passionately and romantically, he demands to be loved in return as strongly, and won't accept lukewarm feelings. He wants to be always present and alive in the heart of the other one. If one day he gets the impression of becoming a "piece of furniture", he'll react violently, will detach himself, and will make himself available for a new love, erasing the past and only keeping the good memories later on.

But he could also react in a completely different way. He'll do his best to shirk the confrontation which he can't bear. Then his partner will have a difficult time getting her freedom back because he'll try to reason her and will multiply concessions. Nevertheless, if she's still determined, he'll give up, without too many sorrows.

When he gets married, he has the best intentions in the world - he hopes to be faithful, to respect the "contract", to bring happiness to the other one. But, actually, he isn't easy to live with, and rapidly becomes "conjugal", requiring clean and ironed shirts everyday, meals presented with care, special treatments for him, and making such comments as about the other one's greasy hair. To please him, a woman always has to look as if she just came out of a beauty saloon. If she's neither a Virgo nor a Libra herself, she'll finally get irritated.

How to keep a libra man or male
The Libra man is so easy to live with! That's one quality you'd readily admit to. Kind and accommodating, he'll do anything to make you happy, and you can't beat him for the way he arranges a comfortable life for you. On the other hand, he needs harmony so much that he's ready to make a maximum of concessions to preserve his tranquillity and a pleasant atmosphere at home.

But his skill of dodging, his inimitable way of avoiding conflicts, finally get on your nerves. And, in all likelihood, you'll be inclined to take a wicked delight in pouring gasoline on the fire, in pushing him to the last cutting edge to make him react and finally get angry. Watch out, this is the last thing to do to him! This man rejects violence with his whole heart, and being in conflict with those he loves can severely hurt him, whatever his age.

Beware not to make a scene if he's a little bit too charming to other women - he can't help pleasing. Sometimes, he'll suddenly realize that time passes and will try to prove to himself that his power of seduction hasn't lost any of its efficaciousness. Instead of bursting out with jealousy, lead him into his own trap by showing him that you're still as sensitive to his charm as ever.

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