How to keep a leo man or male

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The "magnificent and generous Leo" likes protecting his beloved woman. For her he's capable of lifting a mountain. In return, he expects her to show unswerving admiration for him, and to see to it that all other men envy him for having such an elegant and beautiful partner on his arm. To put it briefly, he wants his woman to be an element of his prestige. In no way should she risk one day becoming a rival for him - an ideal partner for him could only be the one who helps him to succeed, or the one who upholds her personal ambitions solely through him!

An ardent lover, very much attached to a certain erotic and aesthetic quality of sexual relationships, he gives himself fully and, in a way, makes a good deed when he grants his favors to a lady of his choice - let's rather say that he lends himself, with kindness and true attention, to the one with whom he has established a relationship. He shines like the sun. And if sometimes he burns, he's sincerely sorry about it, because he hates causing pain. There's no conscious sadism in him.

He's too much self-centered, too much worried about himself to be able to love in an absolute manner. But he'll offer a pleasant life to the woman he chooses, who'll give him children and will assure him of a rich enough relationship. His faithfulness is uncertain.

It's necessary to point out that love is a domain where Leo natives generally don't always feel at ease. Love often frightens Leos - who're so engrossed with themselves - because true love requires abnegation, understanding, self-forgetfulness and communicativeness. These qualities are not always what Leos naturally subscribe to.

Definitely, your Leo man will do everything in order to be loved. When he's really in love, he's capable of being extremely generous, extremely sincere, making extremely great efforts, because he needs to feel that the other one considers him as a unique, exceptional and irreplaceable being. But it's exactly here that love can be an occasion for him to love and admire himself even more than he loves and admires the object of his love. Indeed, it must be said that he has a hard time adapting himself to others in general and to the other one in particular. It's important that his mate demonstrates enough flexibility to adapt herself to his strong personality. Furthermore, every actor needs a public; and which public is more readily available than the one who shares his existence?

The emotional needs of Leos are important, even though the role of sexuality can vary from one Leo to another - excessive in some, or tightly controlled in others. But, whether they give in completely to their desires or repress them, Leo natives always feel hurt, humiliated if a woman holds some power on them. In such a case, they can adopt a scornful attitude so as to free themselves from a feeling which, in their eyes, enslaves them.

Let's resume! In love, the Leo man is majestic with his generosity and the intensity of his fire, but he demands full and complete admiration. In return, he enjoys protecting and showering his goodness. Passions play an essential role in his love destiny; these may be solid and durable, even though he always tends to question them. Possessive in his affections, he prefers to reject what he can't control. His love life would be more harmonious if he could understand others better. Often, ambition or interest gets involved in his affairs of the heart; but it would be wrong to believe that he lacks romanticism.

How to keep a Leo man or male
You admire him, this winner, who accumulates successes in all fields. And this admiration, which he skillfully knows how to nurture, allows you to tolerate his authoritarianism, which sometimes makes him downright tyrannical.

However, don't think that your hero is invulnerable. The smallest failure constitutes such a big slight to his self-esteem as it's too hard for him to stand. Even though he tries by all means to save his face, especially in front of his close relations, he's quite upset by the blow. It's during such moments that you can make a difference by showing him that you are indispensable to him. But it's imperative for you to be extremely diplomatic so as not to hurt his feelings! This comprehensive attitude will help you keep your man's love.

At certain times, your Leo will have doubts about himself and will need your total support. Be present to comfort him when he's at the bottom of the wave. Anyway, as your Leo always contests for power, the main thing, from his view point, is to know that you're for him an ally - not a rival or an enemy.

Very exclusive, your Leo will spit out fire if you make the mistake of provoking his jealousy. He wants to be and remain the center of the world for you, period! Don't ever forget this.

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