How to keep a gemini man or male

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Your man is generally not very easy to live with: he's sometimes cold and shrewd, and won't let himself get involved in strong passions. Naturally, love is important for him, but intellectual attraction suits his temperament even more. In his relational life, frequent quarrels may arise because of his pretense to have answers to all questions - and his partners sometimes wish to see him less pedantic, more discreet. Nevertheless, he quickly realizes this situation and turns it around to his advantage.

He begins to improve around fifty. This period is important - he brings happiness to the woman he loves, his discreet attention for her is a delight, and he would even tend to stay in the background. He has the intelligence to adapt himself and to take life with philosophy. This modification in his character will be extremely beneficial. His sense of the family will follow the same direction: friends will play an important role, but as the years go by, securing good family harmony will become his main preoccupation.

He'll not always have tranquility in his love life. The duality that characterizes his Gemini sign could bring certain instability to his emotional life - it's not impossible for him to go through many passionless love affairs. Generally, he prefers a loving friendship to a passionate love affair. He asks his partners to show merriment, communication and variety. He's neither jealous nor possessive, and his demonstrations of affection are often restrained.

He would really like to have a love life like everyone else, under the condition of not being bored with the partner that he has chosen. Sometimes, however, he displays his difficult character, showing himself revengeful and even talking about breaking up, without really wanting to be taken seriously. However, if the other one gets tired of being knocked around, one fine day she could be tempted to say: "Let's stay friends... but I'm off!" He must beware of his tendency to think that he can always catch up with it owing to a nice word and a sweet smile.

He does indeed talk a lot about his unfaithfulness - past, present and future. But he talks more than he acts, and he's often satisfied with imagining his conquests or remembering them. For in fact, cerebral as he is, he doesn't let his sexuality govern him and he controls it very well. Nevertheless, behind this apparent cynicism lies a true tenderness. And that isn't a make-believe show!

He's neither jealous nor possessive, and finds it monstrous wanting to keep a woman all for himself. And, in a rather perverse way, he'll even insist on her having other lovers - providing that she tells him later about her pranks and affirms that she always values him as "the best one".

When he's matured enough, the best thing for him is to have a "friendly marriage" with a woman he appreciates. She'll find in him a precious counselor - intelligent, lucid and even intuitive. But she shouldn't annoy him too often with "the things of sex" or ask him to demonstrate his feelings. He has his own way of loving, with charm and abruptness, being persuaded that the most important things don't need to be said.

He'd easily accept to divorce, adjusting just as well to bachelorhood as to a new partner, and estimating that his children will understand the situation if they're explained naturally. He brings them up well, respecting their personalities and not overprotecting them.

How to keep a Gemini man or male
Exchanging and communicating are the priorities of your Gemini man. He absolutely needs to converse, and your couple will remain strong through high and low if you continue to be his preferential interlocutor. Especially, he's hostile to taboos and doesn't hesitate to tackle the most intimate or the most controversial subjects. By favoring this freedom of expression, you'll strengthen your complicity links with him. Freedom! The big word is released. Don't ever try to lock him up in a cage, even a golden one, otherwise you'll certainly lose him.

You should know that he's an ace in flirting. However, love conquests interest him much less than the simple fact of pleasing, and very often he's quite happy with pleasant light-hearted gallantries. This side of his character can go through some periodic spurts; so be ready to be patient and understanding. Instead of exploding while seeing the man of your life playing the beau just underneath your nose, be indulgent and remember that home and the family are actually the things that count most for him. Otherwise, your couple will be in trouble.

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