How to keep a taurus man or male

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Loving life, he also loves love. Sensual, he hates "saboteurs" who make no effort to give a woman all the pleasure she expects. He plays her as he does a harp - ardently, efficiently, gratefully... Love occupies a big part of his life.

In his youth, he plays around a little, with insatiable greediness and curiosity. And then, one day, he decides to settle down, to start a home and a family. And on this score, he isn't joking. He makes his choice very carefully. After taking his time to weigh the pros and the cons, he finally makes his decision. If there are obstacles, he knocks them down. His wife and children are sacred in his eyes.

He really tries hard to deserve his happiness and wants to get paid back. He'll overcome his selfishness, help out, work hard, wanting to make life as pleasant as possible for his wife. In exchange, he'll ask her to give herself to him, to be faithful to him.

How to keep a taurus man or male
Everything for duration and stability: this could be the Taurus man's motto. Deeply hostile to what is transitory and superficial, this stubborn, determined man builds up his happiness little by little, day after day. Realistic, lucid, suspicious also, he knows very well how to sort things out and only values what really counts for him. If you try to blind him, he'll simply turn his back on you! So for your union to last, you have to bet on authenticity and the quality of your relationship. Furthermore, with the practical side to his character, he'll always try to make himself useful. He wants to be able to protect you, and wants you to profit from his experiences. He wants to feel indispensable. If by chance you decide to play autonomy and independence, nothing will go right any longer between the two of you!

Also, remember that sensuality plays a major role for this voluptuous, carnal man. If there's not a deep physical relation between the two of you, severe problems will sooner or later arise in your couple. All the more so as he's extremely possessive. Be careful not to reinforce his desire to dominate his circle and strengthen his horror of sharing. If you want to discover what a Taurus man is like when he's angry, try tickling his jealousy!

He'll ask you to take good care of his children, to feed him decently, and to take his tastes into due account. With this said, he's easy to live with - a talkative guest, a real chatterbox in his euphoric moments, especially when he's dining in good company and when wine is overflowing. But when he's in a bad mood or when he's brooding, it'll be hard to cheer him up. At such moments it's better to wait; and when he starts to relax, make the first step.

If you have a "past", it's better not to talk to him about it, despite all his urgings!

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