How to attract a Sagittarius male or female

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A Sagittarius man or woman may be hard to get to know at first. If youíre trying to figure out how to attract a Sagittarius, first you need to understand how their minds work. This will allow you to know how to act around a Sagittarius in order to get that person to see you as someone they can understand and be close to.

Respect the independence of the Sagittarius you want to attract. Never come off as clingy or needy. Never try to restrict them from the activities they want to do alone. A Sagittarius will avoid you if they feel that you will try to box them in or keep them from their independence.

Stay rational and levelheaded when around a Sagittarius. If you are overly emotional, a Sagittarius will feel uncomfortable and will not want to be around you very often. Let them know that you are interested, but donít come on to a Sagittarius with a lot of emotional conversation. Let them know that you are attracted to them by asking for a date or talking to them whenever you get the chance.

Be spontaneous and unpredictable. While every Sagittarius loves the rational and practical, they also love new experiences and get bored easily if things become too predictable. If you have a date with a Sagittarius, plan for an evening thatís a lot more than just dinner and a movie. Take them spelunking in a cave, hiking on a mountain, skiing, or anything else that usually doesnít happen on a typical date. This will attract a Sagittarius with both the head and the heart.

Take things slowly. Donít ask for a commitment too early or your Sagittarius will be scared away. Let your relationship progress slowly so that your Sagittarius wants a commitment without being asked for one. Never give a Sagittarius an ultimatum if you ever want to see them again.

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