How to date a pisces male or female

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How To Date A Pisces Male
Here's somebody who appreciated good food, wine and a well-dressed woman. So make sure that you look so swell that he can't keep his eyes of you. If he appreciates your outfit, reply with a smile. Don't be too coy and shy away like a lamb, be a seductress and give him the best I've-got-you-on-my-mind looks you've ever give anybody. He's an understanding person talk to him the way you would talk to your friend, don't be pretentious and over-the-top; be yourself and he'll simply love you! Also, remember to be extremely well-mannered because a Piscean man doesn't love anything more than a charming courteous woman. So what are you waiting for? Go and get him!

How To Date A Pisces Female
If you’re dating a Pisces female, take her to a psychic far, art gallery, or out for cocktails. Don't take her to the animal shelter, or you will have a new pet. You can wear anything you like, and you get to make all the decisions. She prefers men with a passion about something, just believe in it. Music is one of her favourites and dancing is definitely a must. If you can't dance, take lessons. Pisces females don't care if you’re good looking, just have a heart. A sense of humour is an asset, she has one too. She has no confidence in herself, so support her in her dreams. She falls in love easily. Don't promise her a rose garden, if you don't mean it. When you go to the movies, take tissues. It does not matter what the movie is about, she will inevitable cry, when something touches her. Pisces females love everyone, even if they treated her badly. She hates to see pain, but can drown in her own. Cheer her up, be a positive kind of guy, and be romantic. Encourage her to not live in your shadow, but to have her own life. Yes, your Pisces woman will marry you. Pisces females have a hard time saying "No"!

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