How to date an aquarius male or female

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How To Date An Aquarius Male
If you’re dating an Aquarius male, consider yourself lucky to even get the first date. Aquarius males don't date much. They would rather be an observer, hanging out on the scene. He would prefer to go to your house and have long talks into the night, and possibly just stay over. He may tell you that he just video taped an erotica video featuring wild animals at the zoo with some vacationing starlets. He may stay at your house, never cook or clean, but just be there, when you come home from work. Then one day, without warning, he will be gone. If he is employed, he can be quite selfish with his money. He likes his freedom, in every way. Eventually he will call you, expect the unexpected with Aquarius. When Aquarius males fall in love, it is usually with someone who is intellectual, self-sufficient, and childless. Have a deep purpose or goal in life and he will be attracted to your dreams. Aquarius males will marry, but they usually marry the wrong person the first time, and shy away from second marriages they love their mental freedom. Nagging won't change them. He won't care what race you’re, how much you weigh, etc. Mind altering drugs can ruin an Aquarian male for marriage completely. If he is more holistic, then he is searching for a soul mate. Love yourself and your Aquarius male will too!

How To Date An Aquarius Female
If you’re dating an Aquarius female, arrive in your restored classic. Wear a funky hat and clothes that shouldn't go together, but somehow do. Take her to an out of the way coffee house, featuring jazz. Feel free to discuss anything and everything. She is an intelligent listener, and will have some bizarre insight of her own. You'll never truly understand her, so bring a tape recorder for instant replay to sort it out later. Aquarius women are unusual, not necessarily hippies, but aware of the entire globe. She won't be ready to jump in the sack on the first date; she has to get to know you. Be fascinating; tell her that you’re going to Spain to run with the bulls. Explain your philosophy on combining chemicals to combat radiation. Tell her about your thesis which was published in the "International Who Dunnit Magazine". Don't tell her you’re in love with her too soon. You will know when she has taken a strong liking to you. That is when your Aquarius female will invite you to her abode. Then you will see the real Aquarius female. There will be many unusual pictures, and books. There is a story connected to all of her belongings. When your Aquarius female commits to you, she will not necessarily be ready for marriage. That is just her way of saying she likes you. You must have like minds, or there will be no future Mrs. Anybody!

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