How to date a sagittarius male or female

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How To Date A Sagittarius Male
If youíre dating a Sagittarius male, expect anything and everything. He isnít very reliable about schedules, dates, or you. Not in the beginning anyway. He likes talkative women and female jocks. He wants a buddy to join him in his pursuits. Most Sagittarius males are employed in sales/travelling jobs. They can have a gal in every port. Let him tell you he is serious about you first. Sagittarius males only get married when they have to, and then they can't seem to stay married. They love the thrill and adventure of chasing a woman, similar to their love of hunting, fishing, and sports. You rank in there somewhere. You can get used to being a hunting widow, sports widow, etc., with a Sagittarius male! You should love the same things he does. Sagittarius men can be very funny and interesting. He will go to restaurants, but throw out his suit and tie. Sagittarius males like their comfort and the wide open spaces and places, and freedom with their women. Make no mistake about it; he does love women, all of them. When your Sagittarian's heart goes out to you, he won't know what to do about it, because he didn't expect to fall in love. If you live with him, he won't find time to go down the aisle. Sagittarius men dread the thought of a tuxedo, and the stares from wedding guests. You will have to drag your Sagittarius male to the altar!

How To Date A Sagittarius Female
If youíre dating a Sagittarius Female, be ready willing and able to go anywhere. She loves sports and to travel. A perfect date would be an overnight excursion to Mount Olympus, and skiing down the slopes for breakfast. Pick her up in your jeep, or pickup truck, she won't mind your dog either. Dress casual, and be able to tell her about an Indian Shaman you know, who invited you to a tribal ceremony. She'll want to go with you. Don't do the same things twice in a row. She won't care who youíre dating, because she has plenty of men friends.Sagittarius women can be ready for a date on a moments notice. She'll be great at men's activities, like softball, and eating the worm from a Tequila bottle. She will have been everywhere, but darn, Sagittarius females are fun to be around. You can win her heart with variety in your lovemaking. She isn't the type to spend time in the kitchen or babysitting. Show her you want to be a companion in all of her wacky schemes. When she falls for you, she will ask you to do thing s with her. Marriage is not on her mind, but she would marry you, if she felt you were compatible enough. Sagittarius women love their freedom!

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