How to date a leo male or female

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How To Date A Leo Male
If you’re dating a Leo male, he will take you to the best places for dinner, shows, etc. He will splurge money on you, even if he doesn’t have so much to spend. Usually it is a game, to see if you’re really interested. He will impress you with his strut, and the way he puffs out his chest. If he can convince you that he is a great guy and then he will be otherwise, you will be pounced on by his cat like nature. His favourite past-time is being waited on, breakfast in bed, candlelight, movies, concerts, roses and your basic everyday adoration. He is capable of a variety of occupations, but he likes to be the boss the most. This includes home. Leo men can have temper tantrums, if things don't go their way. It's ok, if you want to toss a few things back his way, when he starts to roar. Stand up to him. Be able to turn his roar into a purr. Always look good around him. Don't admit you colour your hair. Do sleep with your make-up on and dress sexy and feminine. He won't marry you otherwise. Leo males love the chase, so let him! (The Leo male will already have told you about all of his other women.)

How To Date A Leo Female
If you’re dating a Leo female, take her to the movies, a concert, a Broadway show or a plush restaurant. Getting the picture? She wants to be seen out with you. If men notice her, she will love that. If you don't act a little jealous, she will try harder to make you so. She thinks jealousy is a compliment. Bring her flowers, wear your gold chains, and wear something that shows off those muscles you worked so hard to get. That will excite her. Don't forget to splash on your Giorgio cologne. Compliment her constantly, and drive something sporty to show her off. A convertible would be nice. Leo gals will get you noticed! When she disappears on your dates, she is merely primping in the ladies room. Be willing to fight for your Leo female, but don't take any crap from her. She can start fights over nothing. Be prepared. You had better love her cats too! She doesn't care if you’re well read or educated, but do be suave, polished and act like you know what you’re doing. She will marry you, but be prepared to take care of her sexually, financially, and emotionally. Leo females are a handful, and remember, she can always get another man, so treat her right.

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