How to date a gemini male or female

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How To Date A Gemini Male
If you’re dating a Gemini male, you can expect him to stand you up on your first date, but if you’re lucky, he will call, say he is running late, and that the plans for the date have changed. Bring an overnight bag, he can get carried away and forget that you need to go home. He will have the cutest twinkling eyes, and you will forgive him. He will slightly ignore you in public, as he always knows everyone, wherever he takes you, and speaks to each one. Somehow, can't picture him in a tuxedo, going down the aisle. Gemini males won't call you everyday. Gemini men are witty, fun, and can play, play, and play! These men thrive in occupations where they can meet people and talk. Gemini males are great as disc jockeys. If you want to catch this guy, don't lean on him, don't get pregnant, or talk marriage. Be a challenge, do your own thing and let your Gemini male chase you. It's ok to date others.

How To Date A Gemini Female
If you’re dating a Gemini female, arrive on your mountain bike built for two. Ask her if she would like to ride over to the bar, and shoot a game of pool, because a lot of your buddies hang out there and they are fun! If that doesn't work, then suggest skating, a coffee house, or hanging out at the bookstore. Wear casual clothes and be prepared to talk a lot. Talk about it! Tell her about the book you’re going to write. Have some original thoughts and be inventive. Creativity ranks high on your Gemini females list. You'll never know what she is thinking. She is full of surprises. You can take her to the neighbourhood dive bar, or to the Governor's Ball. She won't embarrass you. You can find out what she really thinks of you by locating her journal, where all her secrets are kept. Gemini females are not tidy, so it should be lying around in plain sight. There's lots of time before an engagement ring is necessary. Gemini females have to fall in love with your brain first!

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