How to date a taurus male or female

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How To Date A Taurus Male
If you’re dating a Taurus male, be prepared to watch lots of movies at his home. His dog will eventually accept the two of you being together. A real treat will be when he takes you out to dinner to a four star restaurant. Taurus males will think you look great in forest green; however, they like nudity above all. Taurus males have the cuddly teddy bear approach to love. He will certainly have his arm around you, during the movies. If you want to win his heart, get him a cold beer without him asking you. He will of course, apologize for his messy home. He would know he had your love, if you surprised him by cleaning it up, and making a snack when he entertains his friends for Monday night football. He likes to take his own sweet time, so don't push him. He is the marrying kind. Visualise Mr Taurus, watching television from his recliner, dog at his feet, a child under each arm, complete with TV guide and beer can pyramid.

How To Date A Taurus Female
If you’re dating a Taurus female, take her to an expensive steak house, rub on your soft musk, wear your corporate suit, and arrive in your four-door Sedan. If it is paid for, you may drop that subtlety in your conversation during dinner. Taurus females prefer tender hugs and quiet candlelight dinners at home, prepared by you. She'll return the love by cooking for you at her home. When mentioning the house you would like to build, make sure you tell her about the large wooded lot with room for kids and dogs. If you’re serious about her, let her know that it wouldn't be complete without a woman's touch. She will interpret your comment and hint about a cute little 20 carat diamond she spotted at the mall. Taurus females are warm and loving (Unless you make her mad or jealous)! Don't tell her you spent your rent money to buy drugs.) Taurus Females are security minded, and will stick by you!

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