How to date an aries male or female

Answers to How to date an aries male or female

How To Date An Aries Male
If you’re dating an Aries male, allow him to decide where to go and what to do. Let him know that you’ve never dated a man with such confidence and brains. You can be the dumb blonde with this guy, he'll save you. If you’re out with him and you flirt with someone else, be prepared to call a cab to get home. Aries males do like skin and cleavage; therefore, you could win him back. It will not work a second time. He can argue with you, and when you think you’ve won, he will still do it his way. He wants to chase you, so let him do the calling and guesswork. Don't tell him you love him, until he proposes. To catch this hot-blooded Aries man, give the Ram his head and follow his lead. Everyday is an adventure to an Aries male, marriage is also. Rest up!

How To Date An Aries Female
If you’re dating an Aries female, take her out to the shooting range. Bring an extra gun for her to shoot with you. (She is capable of shooting at you, if you rile her anger.) Wear tight jeans, a red shirt and look manly. Pick her up on your Harley Davidson, but remind her you’ve a private race car collection. Be Macho! Do not talk about old girlfriends! Aries females must be the only ‘one’. Cooking isn't her goal in life, but adventure will get her attention! Don't be a pushover, she'll lose interest, and look for another challenge. Tell her she is really cool and the most fun and exciting woman you were ever with. (This will probably not be a lie.) She values honesty, don't fabricate! Be careful though, if this Aries female really likes you, she'll chase you until she can propose to you. Aries females mean business and are not recommended for timid men!

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