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Learning how to save a life will be a good thing to know about since you never know when these self defense and survival tips may come in handy for you or those around you.

Self Defense has many faces and one of those faces is to be quick with your mouth. Okay, so you're in a dangerous cornered situation and there's no one that you can see out. What would you do? Would you scream for help? Are you serious? Remember these three things if there's no way out of a cornered situation in a residential neighborhood for self defense.

Self defense from any angle depends mostly on action. This article was rated moderately easy because, well let's face it, many people get petrified in fear. So you're first defense before my tip is "Don't panic react." Respond immediately!!!

Learn to scream "FIRE" not help.

To use the quickest Self-defense that could save your life or someone you see being attacked, remember to use all of the derivatives of the following and LEARN THEM IN SPANISH first!

ENGLISH and SPANISH translation
Fire------------------------- "Fuego!
I'm on Fire------------------ "Estoy en fuego!"
Fire! Get out---------------- "Fuego! Va a fuera! (fire- go outside)

Remember, it had better sound like the house/building/store is on fire!

Be blessed. Be safe.

Learn the above in as many languages as you can, especially if you travel or you are going to where there is languages other than English or English is a minor langauge. The reality is it could help save the life of you, a family member, a friend or a stranger in the event of an attack or a real fire!

How to Save lives during Tournedos
Because tornadoes, the most violent atmospheric storms, form anywhere at any time, you must have a survival plan everywhere you are !

Stay away from windows. Go to the hall, and get on your knees.
Put your head on the floor facing an interior wall.
Fold your arms over the back of your head. Does your school have a plan?
Find out ! If they don't, suggest one.

Homes or Buildings
Stay away from windows, go to a storm shelter, basement, or a low-lying area. These are the safest places possible. If not available, go to a bathtub with a mattress over you. or, go to the middle of the house or building. kneel on the floor. Put your head on the ground facing an interior wall. Fold your arms over the back of your head.

Mobile Homes
If you are in a mobile home when a tornado comes, Get in a basement or storm/shelter. Even when they are tied down, they are not safe.

If no shelter is available, get out and Lie in a ditch or on the ground.
Don't lie in a drainage ditch or stream bed.
Flash Floods happen a lot with tornadoes.

You should not try to out run a tornado!
Instead, get out of the car and lie flat in a ditch.
Many people have died because they didn't do this.

If you're outside when a tornado comes,
find a ditch to lie in or lie flat on the ground.
Don't get in a drainage ditch or a stream bed.
Flash floods happen a lot with tornadoes.

A tornado watch is issued when weather conditions are favorable for producing a tornado.

A tornado warning is issued when tornado has been spotted.

Skywarn is a system of volunteers throughout the nation who watch their local weather and report that they've seen a tornado to the national weather service.

The National Weather Service Issues Watches and Warnings.

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