How much does a segway scooter cost

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The Segway Scooter is quite the Scooter and looks pretty cool to. What a great way to get around with gas being out of this world for price. Segway Scooter was invented by a man named Dean Kamen. Way to go Dean your dream paid off. The price of these Scooters vary from country to country. In the Us the price range seems to be between $5350-$7200. UK price range is $4399-$4599. France price range is $6400-$7200. In some cities in the US and Europe you can rent one of these Segway Scooters,what a great way to see if a Segway is right for you before making the purchase.

How fast does a Segway go
The two-wheeled- self-balancing electric vehicle is said to go 12.5mph/20km.The Segways are ran by computers and motors. They seem to be easy to drive you lean forward to go forwards and lean back to go backwards. As well as to turn you lean the handle bar to the left or right.The motor decelerates when you need to brake. They seem easy enough to drive for teens of course up middle age group and the old and disabled.

The Segway was revealed on Dec 3 2001, and sense then have had recalls to upgrade the computer in the Segway. Segway discontinued all models in Aug 2006 and made a whole new generation of Segways. Over all the scooter seems to be a great way to get around,being able to use them on sidewalks and bicycle lanes. It also has been said that you can use them in some Theme Parks.

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