How to kill a fetus at home

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I'll try to explain you how could you kill at fetus at home, without visiting a doctor and without someone to know about that you were pregnant. First of all, and first of all, a thing that you already know about is that KILLING a fetus means killing a life. In many countries (I'm not sure about USA now), a fetus bigger than 20 weeks is considered to be already an human being and its killing attracts the law on you as you would kill a man, so this is not a thing with which you can play. And I'm sure, once you are decided to do that step you might be in a desperate condition.

Think again, maybe there's a person with which you could talk, there must be many of anonymous phone lines to call at, where psychologists could really give you some help. To kill your fetus in home conditions is not just dangerous, but you can kill yourself too. The main risks are:

* You develop a bleeding (hemorrhage) you can't stop and it may be too late even when the emergency comes.

* You damage the uterus and you will never become pregnant again.

* The fetus is too big, you destroy it partially and it may block inside your uterus and being disconnected from blood vessels it dies inside you and produces necrosis. This may cost you life as well.

* You can't kill the fetus as you wished, but you damage it and give birth to a dead infant, or a handicapped one - in other words you burry your life in growing a monster.

Also, some girls I know did this at home, let's say, with some successes (not talking about awful pains and even shock they suffered), and sometimes they didn't killed it at all, but just gave birth to that embryo and it was still alive.

What will you do with a 7 centimeter human being, moving with its tiny hands and legs?
Will you drop it in the toilet and push water after that?
How will you feel about doing that?

And how will you be sure everything is ok with you after you are done with it and there's no bleedings and everything's fine without being consulted by a doctor?

Is an abortion so expensive for you, is it so hard to remove all these risks?

Think carefully about this aspects, think not twice, but twenty times before doing it. And if you are decided, and if you are ok thinking you will do a murder, do it. The information in this article is just for informative purposes. You read it, but this doesn't mean I advise you to do as it writes here. ALL the consequences that may follow are up to you. You will never accuse me of the results you've got using the techniques described here.

Sorry, just cannot see you in pain like that. Please get in touch with a good counselor online, discuss why you want to get rid of the baby, perhaps some better alteratives might come up. You must be finding yourself in a really tough spot to want to kill a fetus in your own home. If times are tough, money is little, and the problems don't seem to go away then you could take a free picture personality test and after that send in your feedback on the personality profile you get after the test. You will find ways to work on your self-confidence, personality and life from one of the best psychotherapists and counselors in the world.

And remember, I wish you never use these techniques of killing a fetus at home. There are a lot of many other options you can use and with fewer risks. Stay healthy, take care of you, and don't make me regret I published this article here.

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