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Dirty love letters actually help you go the long way with your relationship with your boyfriend. So if you are planning to write a dirty letter to your boyfriend then you are just on the right path to strengthen your relationship.

The first thing about writing a dirty letter is to ensure that you write it from the bottom of your heart. It does not matter if the love letter is dirty or clean (there is nothing like dirty or clean by the way, it is all a state of mind).

There are a few things to keep in mind:
Handwritten letters as compared to Emails: Handwritten love letters are more personal than emails. They communicate more effectively with your guy letting him feel your exact emotions Did you know that human beings can actually feel the other person's presence when he has something material to look at? In this case, your handwriting. It really does not matter how good or bad your writing is. What matters is that you took the time to pen down a passionate hand written love letter to your boyfriend.

Get into the mood when writing the letter: Put on a hot costume, climb into the bed, sprinkle perfume, and get into the right mood. This will help you come up with better sentences and love words. As I said before, it is all about writing from the heart.

Picturise your Boyfriend: Imagine the smile on your boyfriend's face as he reads your dirty love letter. This will help you jot down better sentences.

Make use of a lot of hand made smiles: You can even use some fancy love stickers if you have any. You know boys love it when their girl goes the extra mile for them. So do what the best you can.

Make it legible: you don't what your boy friend guessing what you have written. You want him to feel the depth of your heart that you have poured out in that piece of love paper. So space your writing, write slow and legible.

Kiss it up: To make the love letter really special apply lipstick to your lips (preferably red) and kiss up the letter at the end so as to leave an imprint of your lips on it. Lip marks on the paper can really turn your boyfriend on for good. As a tip, you can start off by kissing the love letter before you start to write anything. This way, you can always change the paper if the lip imprint did not fall properly on the paper.

Draw love symbols: The best known love symbol of them all is the symbol of two hearts pierced by an arrow. So make sure you draw a heart symbol without fail on the paper somewhere. You can also make use of other love symbols to show how much you are in love with him.

Paper quality: Boys store love letters just like you girls and hence it is important that you write the letter on a good quality paper so it can withstand the trials of time. Who knows after a long time you both could be sitting and reading the same dirty love letter together and thinking how naughty you both had been in your younger days. Include date on the envelop cover so you know when exactly the letter was written.

Work up something creative: This is about going the extra mile. Think of some really creative stuff. How about writing 'I love you' on rose petals an pasting them on to the letter? Sounds good? No? Okay, think of something on your own.

Include a picture: If you and your boyfriend have not seen each other for sometime cause of some reasons, it is always good to include a picture of you along with the letter. How about making the picture a bit special by writing something on top of it like 'thinking about you' or 'waiting for you to kiss me'. Make sure you pout your lips in the picture though.

What to write in the love letter so you guy loves it?
Coming to the meat of this article, what exactly can you write in the love letter? How to make it dirty and hot for your boyfriend?

1.) Include stuff related to the experiences you have had together with your boyfriend. Like for instance, if the relationship is not too old, you can talk about the first kiss or the first time you and your boyfriend made love. You can even talk about love experiences that happened recently between the both of you.

2.) Instead of making direct raw references to private parts of your and your lover's body, talk about them indirectly. Make use of words like candy stick or love tool. You know what I am coming say.

3.) You can include a fantasy that you had last night about making love to your boyfriend. There is a difference between porn and a hot love letter, so make sure you keep it that way. You want your boyfriend to think about you when reading the love letter and not to just read it as a porn post.

4.) Just remember one thing. For a guy it is not important how dirty the love letter was. What really matters is the depth and intensity of the letter. You can create this intensity by following the above pointers. Good luck with your love letter.

More Tips
Write Your Thoughts, Not Someone Else's - write to your boyfriend about things you and he can identify with, that are either something you've done together or is a desire for the future. Don't make anything up beyond sexual fantasy, as it will strike him as odd and slightly unsettling. Think back to the last time you made love together. Who did what to who, what touches made you feel hot, how did he look or sound. Think about it, remember it in your mind's eye and then simply write it down on paper.

You don't have to be Shakespeare or an English major, don't worry about how polished it reads. the most heartfelt writing will always warm the readers passion whether it is spelt well and uses poor grammar or not - it's simply the thought that counts here.

Use Your Pen & Hand - When you write a love letter, write it. Don't type it and print it out to send or attach it to an email, use good paper and a pen. Type is impersonal and slightly bland. Your handwriting is you, a part of your character that your boyfriend loves and as such, is compelling and loving.

Add Character To Your Letter - Got a favorite perfume your boyfriend likes? A color of lipstick he prefers? Add these to the letter. A subtle whiff of your perfume will heighten his senses as he reads, bringing you closer to him, making him want you even more. A kiss from your lips wearing a shade of lipstick he loves and associate with you will make him smile and want to be able to kiss you back.

Share Your Wants - As you write and feel how much he means to you and how much you want him, try and transfer that to paper. Tell him in exact detail (explicit if that is what you both enjoy) what you want him to do to you as soon as he is through your front door. But be careful - men are specific animals and they take things such as you describing what you want him to do to you as actual! Only write what you really want him to do to you, don't try and impress and write something a porn star would scream at and run away from. You run the risk of disappointing him hugely if he finds it was not real!

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