How to tell if a guy is attracted to you

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Watch his eyes closely, especially when you’re talking about something serious and relates to both of you.

A guy who case and who’s attracted to you will keep eye contact 75% of the time when you’re talking and 90% of the time when he’s talking.

“Eyes are the windows to one’s soul” – this saying is especially true on how to tell if a guy is attracted to you.

One of the biggest signs of a man’s attraction is that he shoves his other persona priorities aside to spend more time with you.

He drops the daily visit to the gym, drinking with his friends, partying, etc. and he’d prefer to storm to your doorstep ready to spend some enjoyable talk with you.

Simple touching like tapping your arm or giving you a not-so-tight hug when laughing is another revealing gesture that shows he likes hanging around with you and finds you attractive.

Men are a little private in general when it comes to the things that they love doing.

HOWEVER, once they’ve found someone that interests them or someone they find attractive, they reveal these things that they love doing – their hobbies, favorite pastimes, etc.

Introducing a woman to their relatives and close friends is something they do if they care and are attracted to her.

Once he decides to take you home, and asks you to have a dinner with his family, believe me – something BIG is about to come.

More Ways of Finding Out
What on earth is he thinking? Many women find themselves in a situation where they believe that a guy is interested, but they aren’t sure. They compare the way he acts to how they would act if they were interested and make judgments based on those comparisons.

It won’t work. Guys display their attraction differently than women do. Experts predict that only 7% of attraction is shown through verbal communication, 38% is displayed through tone and a whopping 55% is shown through body language. This means that women who recognize the meaning behind male body language have a big advantage in the dating world!

So, how do you know if a man finds you attractive? There are certain behaviors common to most men who are trying to win a woman’s affection.

He wants to look good! A man who is interested will do something called preening when he first sees you. This may include straightening his tie, fixing his hair or brushing his clothing. If he is making sure that he looks his best he is attracted to you.

Watch his face. Men have some automatic responses to women they find attractive. Look for the eyebrow raise. Immediate attraction is shown with a slight elevation of the eyebrows. Watch his lips. His lips will part for a split second if he is attracted to you. Watch his eyes. Do they seem to scan your entire body? Does he hold your gaze just a bit longer than he needs to? If so, this guy is interested!

Is he strutting his stuff? There are certain stances that a man will take to appear larger and more powerful to a woman he wants to impress. For example, he will put his thumbs in his belt loops or his hands on his hips to broaden his shoulder and chest area.

Watch his body positioning. Just like women, men will turn their body toward the object of their attraction. If his body is turned toward you when you interact, he is interested in more than your conversation.

If you are aware of these tell-tale signs, you can spot male attraction and won’t waste time trying to gain the attention of a man who isn’t interested. Using body language as your guide, you’ll eliminate guesswork and be well on your way to a mutually fulfilling relationship. Does he always try to impress you?
Men will behave well…like men! A guy who is attracted to you would go all out to impress you! He may brag about his work or wealth, he may shower you with gifts or dine out with you in style! The bottom line is to impress you and win your heart! Girls, you can’t surely ignore him going all out to impress you as this sure sign can give you an indication of his thoughts.

Does his body language reveal hidden feelings?
You can know when a guy is attracted to you by simply observing his body language. Does he lean towards you more than often? Does he establish frequent eye contact? Some shy guys may feel nervous about establishing eye contact and tend to look away hurriedly! A guy who is surely attracted to you will try to find ways to hug you and be next to you in every possible way!

Does he hover around you constantly?
A guy who suddenly sticks by your side concerned about your likes and dislikes is surely doing it because he feels attracted towards you. He may go all out to bring you your favorite dish or he may pamper you with loads of attention. He would call you many times during the day to find out many things such as ‘have you eaten your breakfast?’ or ‘what are your plans for the evening?’

Does he try to make you jealous?
Strange as it may seem, love and infatuation for a person may make someone do crazy things. Well, in case you do not really catch his signs early on or are purely not interested, a guy may play hard to get. He may even flirt with your friends and give you coy looks! This is only his way of showing his attraction and making you feel envious! This person is bound to stop flirting the moment you turn your back!

These signs to know if a guy is attracted to you are just the basic guidelines. However, attraction is not always the sign of true love. True love requires commitment, passion, a sense of responsibility and compatibility. Therefore, take your time to know his true nature before you fall in love head over heels!

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