800 Questions To Ask A Girl

Have You Even A Job? And If You Wear A Uniform And A Hat In This Job?

Have You Ever Been In A Hot Tub?

Ever Had A Massage?

Did You Grow Up Here?

Do You Consider Yourself A Happy Person?

Are You A Window Person Or An Aisle Person?

Do You Prefer Coke Or Pepsi?

Do You Have A Preference On The Religious Rearing Of Children?

Do You Do Dance Crazy When No One Is Looking?

Are You Happy With The Life You Have?

Do You Like Spending More Time Alone Or More Time Around People? And Why?

How Do You Like Your Eggs Cooked?

Dog Or Cat Lover?

Have You Ever Been Dating More Than One Girl At The Same Time?

Have You Ever Been Around Someone Who Was High?

Ever Wish You Were Born The Opposite Sex? If So, Why?

Favorite Movie Star?

Ever Cheated On Someone?

How Do You Like To Celebrate Your Birthday?

Do You Think The Past Matters In A Relationship?

Are You A People's Person Or Do You Prefer Your Own Company?

Are You In A Relationship?

Do You Chew On Your Straws?

Have You Ever Though About Jumping Out Of A Window?

Do You Like Short Or Long Hair On A Guy?

Describe Your Relationship With Your Parents?

Do You Take Illegal Drugs?

Do You Ever Set Your Friends Up On Blind Dates?

How Do You Like To Spend New Year's Eve?

Do You Like Spicy Food And Why?

Do You Think Some People Know That They Will Fall In Love With Someone The First Time They Meet?

Any Summer Plans For Next Year?

Has Anyone In Your Family Betrayed Your Trust?

Do You Keep A Budget And Stick To It?

Do You Like Cruly Hair Or Stright Hair?

Do You Like Someone?

Have You Ever Been Hit By A Girl?

Ever Hit A Jackpot On A Slot Machine?

Are You Afraid Of Heights?

Have You Ever Broken A Bone?

How Did You Become Who You Are Today?

Do You Save Money?

Are You Good At Computer Games?

Describe Your Bestfriend?

Are You A Kissable Person?

Ever Been Married?

Do You Go To Church?

Are You Stalking Me?

Can You Share 3 Good Points About Me?

Can You Fake Any Accents?

Ever Been In A Car Accident?

Beauty Is Only Skin Deep. Explain?

Have You Ever Been With A Girl?

Do You Make A Habit Of Saving Money?

Have You Ever Gone Cow-Tipping?

Are You Happy With The Person You Are Becoming?

Have You Ever Kissed Someone Whose Name Started With An S?

Can You Name Three Qualities That Attracted You When You Met Me/Got To Know Me?

Do You Cry Easily?

Glass Half Full Or Half Empty?

Are You Optimistic Or Pessimistic?

Favorite Day Of The Week?

Do You Love Massages?

Do You Have Any Bad Habits?

Do You Like Rainy Days Or Snowy Winter Days More?

Do You Have Any Debt?

And What Are Your Favorite Beverages?

Do You Floss Your Teeth?

Do You Know What It Means To 'Go Dutch'?

Apart From Your Parents, Who Is (Has Been) Your Greatest Influence? Why?

Do You Hoard Money, Orsave And Spend It Wisely?

Do You Put Butter Before Putting The Peanut Butter On?

Do You Have Curly Hair?

Ever Been In Any Legal Trouble?

Do You Think You're A Good Judge Of Character?

Crowds Or Small Groups?

Do You Like To Travel And Where Have You Been?

Can You Describe Your Life With A Six Word Sentence?

Are You A Jealous Person?

Do You Believe In Love At First Sight?

At What Age Would You Like To Die And Why?

Favorite Sundae Topping?

Have You Ever Been Part Of A Not-For-Profit Organization And Done Volunteer Work?

Can You Close Your Eyes And Raise Your Eyebrows?

Are You A Heavy Or Light Sleeper?

Ever Come Close To Death?

Do You Value Using Money For Experiences Like Traveling And The Arts?

Do You Have Any Phobias Or Fears?

Do You Regret Living Those Intimate Experiences With That Person?

Do You Like Chocolate?

Do You Like To Travel By Plane?

Favorite Place?

Do You Still Wear A Piece Of Clothing You Wore During Your Childhood?

Do You Like Love Games Like Master – Slave, Doctor – Patient, Teacher – Student?

Did You Go To Graduate School?

Have You Ever Lied To Me And If So, Why?

Are You Hiding Something From Someone?

Do You "Go Dutch" When Dating?

Does Your First Love Still Hold A Special Place In Your Heart?

Are There Any Big Differences Between The Sexes?

Do You Have Any Siblings? If Yes, Are They Older/Younger To You? Are They Male Or Female?

Have You Ever Had A Crush On Someone Famous?

Ever Been To A Strip Club?

Ever Loose A Pet?

Ever Been In Love With More Than 1 Person At The Same Time?

Ever Felt That No One Relates To You?

How Do You Feel About Violent Television Shows Or Video Games?

Did/Do You Transfer Schools A Lot?

Do You Believe In Vaccinations?

Do You Routinely Spend Money You Don't Have?

Do You Have A Birthmark And If You Do Where Is It?

Are You Short Tempered?

Great Conversation Starters For Guys

Do You Like Your Independence Or Do You Want To Have The Big Wedding, Husband, Puppy And Kids?

Are You In Touch With Friends From School/College? How Close Are You?

Have You Ever Been To A Stripclub? If You Did, What Was It Like?

Ever Won The Lottery?

Do You Believe In Soul Mates?

Have You Kissed Anyone In The Last Week?

Do You Think That The Pregnancy And Birth Process Are Important?

Describe Any Accident You Have Seen Or Heard About?

Are You Old Fashioned?

Ever Had A One Night Stand? If So, How Many And Do You Regret Any Of Them?

Favorite Teacher?

How Do I Smell?

Any Contraction Of Diseases?

Ever Had Surgery? If Yes, For What Reason?

How Do You Feel About Cigarette Smoking?

Do You Think That Women And Men Should Receive Equal Pay For Equal Work?

Have You Ever Dyed Your Hair?

Have You Ever Made Fun Of Your Friends Behind Their Back?

How Many Friends Do You Have?

Do You Consider Yourself A Neat Or Messy Person?

Do You Keep Secrets From Your Lovers?

Do You Like To Travel By Plane As Opposed To Car?

Have You Ever Posed As A Nude Model?

Do You Think People Should Eat The Fish They Catch, Or Just Let Them Go?

Ever Had A Crush On A Guy?

Can I Try On Your Shoes?

Generally, In Life, What Makes You Happy?

Are You Obsessed With Me?

At The Beach Would You Rather Play In The Sand, Or Play In The Water?

Do You Know Your Birth Story?

Describe Your Fighting Style: Drunken Master Or Angry Monkey?

Have You Made Fun Of A Blind Man?

Ever Had A Drunken Night In Mexico?

Have You Ever Fired A Gun?

What Makes One A Failure?

Do You See Us Together In Another Year, 3 Years, 5 Or So?

Given A Chance, Would You Bungee Jump?

Best Places You Have Ever Been?

Have You Ever Been Rejected By A Crush?

Do You Have Any Hidden Talents?

Does Size Matter?

Are You A Risk Taker?

Do You Miss Someone A Lot Right Now? Who Is That Person?

Do You Have Any Major Medical Conditions I Should Know About?

Do You Like Partying? Attending Parties? Giving Parties?

How Do You Feel If I Walk Into The Bathroom When You Are In The Middle Of Using The Facilities?

Explain Why You Last Threw Up?

What Is Your Zodiac Sign?

Ever Been In The Mile High Club?

Do You Believe In Horoscopes?

Do You Have Any Pets? If So, What?

Besides Your Family, Who Has Influenced Your Thinking Most? Why, And In What Way(S)?

Favorite Thing To Spend Money On?

Do You Think That You’re A Good Person?

Do You Like To Try New Things?

Do You Have College Plans?

Are You Tired Right Now?

Have You Ever Been Caught Stealing?

Describe Your Perfect Day?

Do You Consider Yourself To Be Religious?

Do You Remember Your Dreams?

Are You A 'Morning' Or 'Night' Person?

Do You Ever Been On A Blind Date?

Biggest Mistake You've Made?

Are You Married?

Do You Believe That What Comes Around Goes Around?

Do You Believe In God?

Do You Have A Myspace?

Have You Ever Been On A Blind Date?

Ever Get So Drunk You Don't Remember The Entire Night?

Are You An Art Person Or A Sport Person?

Are You Outgoing Or Do You Keep To Yourself Most Of The Time?

Have You Ever Ridden In An Ambulance?

Have You Been Tested For Std's?

Do You Smile With Your Teeth When Getting Your Picture Taken?

Do You Like To Dance?

Do You Sleep With The Tv On?

Have You Ever Worn A Guy's Briefs?

Have You Ever Had A True One-Night Stand?

Do You Still Talk To Any Of Your Ex's?

Do You Have A Recurring Dream? What Happens In It?

Are You Usually Late, Early Or Right On Time?

Are You Cheap Or Thrifty?

Do You Believe That Everyone In A Household Should Participate In Household Chores?

Do You Wear A Lot Of Jewelry?

Ever Been In A Physical Fight? If Yes How Many And Who Were They With?

Do Your Friends Like Me?

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